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At Bexley Dental our aim is to always treat our patients with the respect they deserve. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and to delivering the highest quality of dentistry possible. At Bexley Dental you should always expect the best.

As dental disease is generally preventable, our philosophy is that prevention is better than cure, and hence that prevention of dental disease and other problems should be the goal of all dentistry.

We have an ultra modern surgery and use the most current materials, techniques and principles of preventative dentistry for all treatment.
Our equipment and sterilisation facilities are also the most up to date, to help eliminate the risks of cross infection from other patients.
We take dental health seriously; it is part of your general health and well being.

If you are an active patient, with regular dental care including scaling and cleaning, as well as a good home care programme, these goals will be achieved. Prevention is an ongoing task.

Our staff will advise you in the basics of a sound oral hygiene programme, which you can accomplish at home. The time you spend, and the enthusiasm with which you carry out normal home care is an excellent investment in keeping your dental costs down and your teeth for life.

400 Forest Road Bexley 2207

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