Extra Dental protection for those who play rough

Whether you like to tackle hard or whack that hockey ball, a custom fitted mouth guard is a great way to protect your teeth and smile.

If you need a sports mouthguard for dental protection on the field or any other activity where your teeth are in danger your Dental Care Network dentists can help.

Custom mouth guards are closely fitted to provide a high level of shock-absorption to significantly reduce the risk of dental trauma.

Discussing your requirement with your dentist ensures you’ll get a correct appraisal and a mouth guard that is moulded to correctly fit for maximum comfort and effect.

It’s easy to keep your teeth safe from yourself and others! Simply contact us to arrange a consultation or continue reading more about the use and benefits of mouth guards.

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The most common form of dental injury is accident during sport and leisure activities.  A mouth guard is mandatory for many contact sports and having one custom fitted ensures the best fit, most comfort and greatest protection.

Getting fitted for a mouth guard

Every person has a different shape of jaw, mouth and tooth line, which is why off-the-shelf mouthguards are often uncomfortable and provide inadequate protection.

Getting fitted for a customised mouth guard starts with a consultation to discuss the kind of sport or activity being undertaken. The dentist will conduct an assessment of the mouth to help determine the best type, fit, coverage and thickness of mouth guard.

The mouth guard is shaped from a moulded impression of the patient’s mouth and teeth, so it will fit precisely and provide the optimal level of comfort, coverage and protection.
The final product is usually made of a thermoplastic, polyurethane or a copolymer.  These kinds of amorphous plastics are easily moulded, shock resistant and flexible so they can withstand pressure.

Mouth guards and Dental Treatments

It is even more important to wear a properly fitted mouth guard if the mouth contains crowns, implants, dentures, veneers or braces.

Custom fitted mouth guards can be made to fit comfortably and accurately over dental braces.

Caring for a Mouth Guard

Every mouth guard needs to be cleaned after use to prevent bacteria from building up.

A wash in warm water with a mild soap is usually adequate with a routine soak in an antiseptic mouthwash.

Mouthguards should be left to air-dry and stored in a cool place in a well-ventilated storage box.

As they are made from thermoplastics that react to heat, mouthguards should never be left in direct sunlight or in the heat of a closed car or glove box.  Exposure to this kind of heat can soften the plastic and distort the mould so it does not fit anymore.

How much will custom mouthguard Cost?

The cost of getting a custom mouthguard will vary from dentist to dentist and in different locations, mainly dependent on the mouthguard product used, there are many on the market.

Contact your local dentist to find out their charges. Whatever the cost, compared to having broken teeth through an injury, it is small compared to the potential costs incurred for repairing the teeth.

If you are interested in getting a customised mouthguard, contact one of our friendly practices.

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