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The simple daily routine of brushing your teeth is important and so is a dentist clean every six months to get rid of plaque that your brushing has missed and to remove tartar (calculus).

The importance of effective oral hygiene and the benefits this brings to general wellbeing should not be under estimated.

Even the most vigilant home brusher and flosser can sometimes experience a bacterial build up as the result of ill health, a holiday eating binge or hard to reach places. Furthermore, over time calcium deposits (known as tartar or calculus) build up on your teeth. This can provide bacteria the perfect environment to thrive in when close to gums. The purpose of the dental clean is to leave your tooth surface clean and smooth making it hard for bacteria to stick to the tooth surface.

A great routine at home will keep teeth healthy, and a regular dentist teeth cleaning session will keep your teeth smooth and free of longer term bacteria and tartar build-up.

If you are unsure whether your current oral hygiene routine is doing enough to keep bacterial from accumulating, why not give us a call and arrange a checkup.

Dental Cleaning

Most people can do the routine maintenance of their cars without any problem. Filling up the petrol tank, keeping the types pumped up, replacing the wiper fluids and so on. Although all these basic and useful things can be done at home, everyone will take their car for a professional service from time to time to keep it running at an optimum level. Your oral health is exactly the same!

Servicing your Smile

Taking yourself to the dentist for a regular clean is all part of maintaining optimal oral health.

Plaque and tartar build up over time, often in the furthest reaches and smallest crevices of your teeth and gums. A professional dental cleaning, sometimes referred to as a ‘scale and polish’ will remove these substances from your teeth, making it easier for you to clean them and avoid bacterial build up during your regular oral hygiene routine at home.

Although a good oral hygiene routine at home will ensure your teeth stay generally clean, dentists can use specialised equipment and treatments to scale and polish your teeth to a professional level.

The equipment used in professional dental cleaning helps to loosen large pieces of tartar from your teeth and this ranges from the use of ultrasonic devices to hand tools called scalers and curettes.

Polishing is achieved using a gritty paste combined with a special handpiece that has a rubber cup on the end of it and your dentist may round out your professional clean with an application of fluoride. This is typically placed into a special tray and placed over the teeth so that the full surface of the teeth is covered front and back.

How much does a Dental Clean Cost?

The cost of a dental clean can vary depending on the location they are in, and the level of cleaning required.

While a dental clean may seem like a simple treatment, care is required to ensure that all bacterial deposits are removed so as to avoid dental problems at a later stage.

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