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Grow Your Legacy

Retirement may still be some years away, but you are looking for a partner that can help you slowly step away from the day to day management and has your patients’ and practices’ best interests at heart.

Selling your dental practice is a big decision. Motivations often vary. Perhaps you are wanting to;

  • spend more time with family
  • move away from the stresses of running a practice
  • reap the benefits of all your hard work, or;
  • maybe you simply want to simply focus on just being a dentist again.

Why join Dental Care Network?


We created Dental Care Network (DCN) because we believe getting the best dental work shouldn’t require guesswork. DCN is a trusted online resource for finding and understanding dental services. It’s powered by Bupa Dental Corporation, the largest dental network in Australia and New Zealand.


We are backed by Bupa.

The international healthcare organisation and the world’s largest dental provider, Bupa, provides dentists with value through stability, innovation and investment. Choosing to join our network means you become a member of Bupa’s 84,000 strong global community of clinical and business professionals, all focused on health and care. It also means you join an organisation that’s always looking at ways to make dental practices better.

You maintain clinical independence.
We rely on you and other senior dentists in the practice to create and foster the clinical culture that underpins delivery of high quality oral healthcare.

Being big means that we can offer more support.
This includes attracting top talent, leveraging our buying power and creating networking, learning and development opportunities. Our support team is made up of specialists in clinical risk and assurance, finance, marketing, human resources, procurement and technology.

We promise to be discreet.
It’s important that your practice continues to operate as normal while you consider a sale.  We promise to maintain complete confidentiality and will tailor any transition to minimise potential patient and staff impact.

We are looking to grow our network but will not compromise on quality.
That means that not everyone is suitable.  We will only purchase practices that are well run and have an excellent reputation within their local community.


Learn more today


If you’re interested in selling your practice or would like further information on our offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion.


Michael Brivulis – Head of Acquisitions & Greenfield

M: 0437 179 787 E: michael.brivulis@bupa.com.au


Emma Elliott – Manager, Acquisitions & Greenfield

M: 0448 273 918 E: emma.elliott@bupa.com.au

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