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What is Dentisure?

Oral hygiene is important and we want to help you maintain great oral health for you and your family. A good oral hygiene routine consists of daily brushing and flossing along with a visit to the dentist at least once a year for a professional check-up and clean. When you look after your teeth with a visit to the dentist each year, we provide a membership benefit covering any dental injuries you may sustain from an accident* such as a trip or a fall, car accident or other unexpected events that damage your teeth.

Without urgent treatment, dental injuries can put your oral health at risk. These types of treatments can also put a size-able dent in your budget, the bill can run into the many thousands of dollars when you damage or lose a tooth.

That’s why we protect you against the unexpected, with Dentisure™, care beyond the chair.

UP TO $5,000 PER YEAR*

What is the benefit?

Simply visit your DCN practice once per year for a routine check-up and clean, and that is it! You are covered*. Eligible patients will earn up to $5,000 of treatment each year towards treatment of dental injuries caused by an accident*. There are two levels of membership benefits for eligible patients:

$5,000 if you have been a patient of a DCN Practice for 12 months or more at the time of the covered injury; or

$2,500 if you have been a patient of a DCN Practice for under 12 months at the time of the covered injury.

NB: There is a three month waiting period from registration until you are eligible for membership benefits. Accidents occurring in this initial three months are not covered.

How much does it cost?

Dentisure™ is free of charge for DCN patients because we care. There is no catch or cost. You trust your dentist to care for your family’s oral well being. We extend that care beyond the chair.

How do I register?

It is so simple to register for Dentisure™! There’s no complicated paperwork. Simply fill in the registration details on the right of this page.


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