Finding a dentist you can rely on is no easy feat. You want someone who is located close to your home, has a great reputation, and will be there for your family in the event of a dental emergency. Not only that, you want someone you can build a relationship with, a friendly face that can provide comprehensive care as and when you need.

The Dental Care Network (DCN) can connect you to a number of experienced dental professionals in your area. We have more than 500 dentists in our network across Australia and New Zealand, with professionals operating out of Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. No matter where you live Down Under, you can rest assured there will be qualified practitioners in your area to provide quality care.

Furthermore, booking an appointment with your local dental professional is easy. Simply select your area from our menu and you'll discover a number of hand-picked dentists from which to choose. All of your options will be hand-picked dentist selected for their experience and quality care.

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