Practice Accreditation

QIP Accreditation 

In September 2014 a group-wide accreditation program was launched, seeing the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standard rolled out to our 200+ practices across Australia and New Zealand.

DCN have worked alongside the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and in collaboration with Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) to determine the best process to facilitate a high-quality and guided approach for our practices to achieve accreditation. 

As a result, we developed a 12 week program that ensures that activities carried out in practice comply with a set of policy templates which fulfil the NSQHS standards applicable to dentistry.

What is QIP Accreditation?

The accreditation of a dental practice means that the practice has implemented a set of standards (National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, or NSQHS for short) as outlined by regulatory requirements passed down by both Federal and State governments. 

The NSQHS standards pertaining to Dentistry includes the following:

  • Standard 1 – Governance for Safety and Quality in Health Service Organisations 
  • Standard 2 – Partnering with Consumers 
  • Standard 3 – Preventing and Controlling Healthcare Associated Infections 
  • Standard 4 – Medication Safety 
  • Standard 5 – Patient Identification and Procedure Matching 
  • Standard 6 – Clinical Handover 

More information about the NSQHS can be found here

What this means for your dental practice

The achievement of QIP Accreditation is significant and means that your dental practice is committed to quality, safety and excellence across all standards. QIP Accreditation recognises that your dental practice has met all requirements based on a set of standards to which all dental practices can be judged equally against. 

What this means for you

In choosing an accredited practice you can rest assured that all staff are educated and trained in the implementation of dental systems and are committed to the consistent evaluation and improvement of dental processes within their practice.

The National Safety and Quality Health Standards for Dentist’s were developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care in 2011. The fulfilment of these standards means that your dental practice has proven to be of the highest calibre in delivering quality patient care within Australia.

If you would like to learn more about QIP Accreditation please visit the QIP website.

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