Dental Health Month

A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

Did you know that 68% of 2-5 year olds have never visited a dentist? Are you one of the 17% of people who avoid certain food due to dental related problems? Do you contribute to 1 million lost days of work each year due to dental issues? 

August is Dental Health Month! During Dental Health Month, Dental Care Network (DCN) is promoting "A Lifetime of Health Smiles" and educating the community on how maintaining a healthy mouth is important at all stages of your life. 

Young or old, each stage of our lives brings with it new challenges and risks for our dental health. Knowing what to expect can help us be prepared and take appropriate precautions so that our teeth get to grow old with the rest of us. 

Our key messages are derived from significant and quite alarming Australian and New Zealand dental statistics and we have turned them into this fun and engaging infographic for your school or workplace. 

DCN is a key promoter of Dental Health Month. We are a network of experienced, professional dentists, concerned about the overall standards of oral health in ANZ and are seeking to educate the public on how small changes in their lifestyle will have hugely positive effects on their oral health over their lifetime.

A healthy smile is important at every stage of life, but many of us aren’t actually following our recommended dental routine, helping our pearly whites to stick around. In fact, 90 per cent of dental diseases are preventable, so it's worth putting the effort into your teeth and gums. But without the proper care and attention, your teeth and gums can slowly deteriorate over time.

Click here to download your Dental Health Month infographic for your school or workplace.

Dental Health Month provides us with a great reminder to visit the dentist for your annual or bi-annual check-up. Click here to find a dentist near you!

Our DCN blog provides a great source of topical dental information and interesting articles.

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